Zelensky Vows To Stay In Kyiv As Russia Presses Advance

The second day of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine saw Ukrainian forces continue to fight across the country. President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday morning that he would stay in Kyiv with his family, warning that Russian special forces had entered the city. Reports emerged from around the country of Russian forces shelling residential neighborhoods.

Western nations have thus far issued sanctions on Russia aimed at blocking exports of high-tech materials, like modified computer chips and software, and at the country’s largest lenders, albeit with some crucial exceptions.

NATO states, including the U.S., Poland, and France, have said that they will continue to provide arms to the Ukrainian military, raising questions of potential inadvertent escalation.

But throughout it all, the Ukrainians and their leadership have continued to fight back against Russian advances. We’ll be following throughout the war’s second day.