Why TPM?

For our annual membership drive, TPM Reader KS shares why TPM is a must read and must-subscribe for him. (Nota Bene: the reference to zero ads is Prime AF. A basic Prime membership has reduced ads but still some ads …)

What does TPM give me that I can’t get anywhere else? Number one, TPM makes good on the promise of no-commercials. Yes I’m paying for it, but that wouldn’t stop the ads on any other news source. This alone tells me something is different here. Reading TPM gives me the feeling that I can predict the weather and the future of the country at the same time. The writers are far above average in having both wit and keen observation. I seek out Nicole Lafond’s person-in-the street writing, and the Weekender and her perspective from ground zero during the pandemic. I crave Josh Kovensky’s insight to Russia and Ukraine. Articles by Kate Riga and others. A whole section on voting rights. The Editor’s Blog. And no, I’m not a podcast listener yet – but might have time after I retire. This is just scratching the surface, there’s so much here.