What Made You Decide to Join?

Newly-minted TPM Member MT tells us why he joined. Some very kind words at the beginning. But the ones in the second half stood out to me about our team …

I joined because when I first started reading blogs, I thought you were the best out there. You had the best takes, the best insight, but more than anyone else–you found (and still find) the best questions to ask.  You very much know the limitations of your own knowledge, and that sets the stage for your readers to learn on their own.

I’ve taken issue with you over the years, for the most part unfairly (I believe I once criticized the number of Oberlin grads on your roster), usually during some broader national trauma (yes, that is indeed my excuse), but I’ve stuck around because y’all have kept proving me wrong.  I’m grateful to call myself a subscriber, and I’ll be “giving the gift of Prime” to my little brother on his 49th birthday in May, so watch for that.