Vox launches a project on forgiveness a week-long examination of forgiveness in America

Amanda Northrop/Vox

By its very definition, forgiveness puts the burden on victims to figure out a path forward, to move on from the harm they endured. That conception of forgiveness is limiting. Over the next week, Vox is publishing a series of pieces exploring the theme of forgiveness: its role in society, its potential for catharsis, its challenges and limits.

Contributors to the package include Marin Cogan on finding forgiveness when you’ve been wronged by a power structure; Jerusalem Demsas on restorative justice; Sean Illing, with an episode of the Vox Conversations podcast featuring Johns Hopkins philosopher Lucy Allais; Jen Kirby on the Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Rachel Miller on how to forgive someone who isn’t all that sorry; and Aja Romano on why we’ve never successfully forgiven a famous person.

The goal of the series is to spark introspection, start thoughtful conversations, and make the case for the construction of a more forgiving American future.