Ukraine Weathers Russian Assault Into Sixth Day

One week ago, people across Ukraine were living their normal lives. Going to work, cooking meals at home, seeing friends, planning for the future.

Now, people are trying to survive — either by fighting the war, sending relatives or themselves to the nearest border, or sticking it out in long-unused bomb shelters or metro stations.

But so far, the country’s army and its volunteer territorial defense battalions have stuck it out, apparently repelling the first wave of Russia’s attack. The country’s capital Kyiv remains under government control, as does Kharkiv — Ukraine’s second city and a former capital.

The U.S., EU and other nations have ratcheted up sanctions on the Russian economy, cutting multiple Russia banks off from SWIFT access and pressuring Switzerland into clamping down on oligarch wealth.

European nations — some non-NATO — have also committed to steady weapons supplies to Ukraine. Former Warsaw Bloc nations reportedly are sending operable Soviet-era fighter jets to Ukraine.

It’s a devastating war with civilians and soldiers dying every day. Russian troops occupied Berdyansk over the weekend, a city of 100,000.

We’ll be following developments below.