MTG Locked In Utterly Cheese-Brained Feud With Lin Wood

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things.

Nesting Doll Of Stupid

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is at war with fellow conspiracy theorist and grifter Lin Wood, a pro-Trump lawyer who’s facing disbarment for trying to overturn the 2020 elections in court. There are multiple angles to their squabble, and all of them are very funny.

  • The latest news is that Wood is accusing Greene of stiffing him on the $5,000 legal fees her campaign allegedly owes him after he represented the campaign in two defamation suits (which brings up a separate question of whether Greene violated campaign finance laws).
  • Wood compared Greene to the devil in a Daily Beast interview this week and accused her of being a “communist”–again.
    • Yes, Wood called the far-right troll a communist last month for demanding Biden’s impeachment–because in doing so, the GOP lawmaker was acknowledging that Biden won the election, Wood argued.
  • Greene has attacked Wood over allegations that the lawyer, who formerly represented Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse despite not being a criminal defense attorney, pocketed the bail funds he raised for Rittenhouse.
  • The whole thing apparently started when Greene dropped Wood as her legal counsel several months ago. The lawyer responded by accusing Greene of being a “RINO” and not fighting to undo the election for Trump as hard as him.

A Shockingly Tight Guv Race In New Jersey

The New Jersey gubernatorial race between incumbent Phil Murphy (D) and GOP rival Jack Ciattarelli has yet to be called.

  • Ciattarelli is currently leading by a razor-thin margin with 97.51 precincts reporting: With his 1,173,558 votes to Murphy’s 1,172,365, the Republican is at 49.65% of the vote compared to the Democrat’s 49.6%.

McAuliffe Loses To Youngkin

Republican Glenn Youngkin has defeated ex-Gov. Terry McAuliffe, according to the Associated Press. The latest tallies show Youngkin leading 50.7 percent to 48.6 percent.

  • TPM’s Kate Riga wrote about what the election results could mean for congressional Democrats’ reconciliation package amid doomsday howls from pundits over a McAuliffe loss.
  • Let’s find out if Republicans still think there was voter fraud today!

Yet Another Professor Blocked From Testifying Against DeSantis Bullshit

A fourth professor at the University of Florida says he’s been barred from testifying against one of free speech lover Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) Trump-esque policies.

  • In this case, the professor would’ve testified on the importance of masks, in litigation against the governor’s mask mandate ban.
  • Three other University of Florida professors have been banned from testifying against DeSantis’ voting restriction law.

Trump Tries To Stall Jan. 6 Panel Doc Request

The ex-president’s lawyer filed a request yesterday asking a federal judge to order a document-by-document review of all of his White House records that the House Jan. 6 select committee is digging for.

  • As expected, the Trump attorney is arguing that the documents are protected by executive privilege.

Santorum Slithers Over To Newsmax

Ex-GOP senator Rick Santorum has found a new home at the pro-Trump outlet several months after CNN axed him as a political commentator for whitewashing Europeans’ genocide of Native Americans (and that was hardly his only racist take).

Discover Cancer Risks From Air Pollution Near You 

ProPublica has this incredible map based on the EPA’s data that shows you toxic hot spots and estimated cancer risks from industrial emissions throughout the country between 2014 to 2018.

  • The data also highlights the disturbing racial element to damage caused by pollution: There was about 40 percent more cancer-causing air pollution in areas mostly inhabited by people of color than areas inhabited by white people. Areas with majority Black residents had more than double the cancer risk compared to mostly white areas.


Curtis Sliwa, the Republican candidate for New York City mayor who predictably lost to Democratic nominee Eric Adams in the election yesterday, tried to bring one of his 17 rescue cats to a polling site in the Upper West Side earlier in the day.

NYC Republican mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa, holding his cat, speaks before voting on the Upper West Side on November 2, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
  • The cat’s name is Gizmo, and I can objectively report, without ever having met him, that he is a very good kitty.

More Cat Content In Case You Found Today To Be A Bummer

There’s a Twitter account that monitors when a French cat named Pépito leaves and returns home, and the responses are always filled with people either wishing him a safe journey or giving him a warm welcome back.

  • “Cristina, stop posting about cats.” No, it’s my birthday.

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