House Scrambles To Suss Out Whether It Can Pass Both Bills This Week

The House is back to a will they/won’t they situation, trying to determine whether the chamber can pass both the bipartisan infrastructure and reconciliation bills by the end of this week.

It’ll require some intense marshaling of members. Of the House progressives, Rep. Pramilia Jayapal (D-WA) said she wants a promise from President Joe Biden that he has all 50 senators committed to voting for reconciliation before they vote on the bipartisan bill; other members of the caucus want a full Senate reconciliation vote first. A group of moderates including Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NY) wants 72 hours to read the completed reconciliation bill, and a CBO scored before the House votes.

Meanwhile, the Senate is stuck in a weird limbo, tying up the last remaining policy loose ends while generally moving at the speed of Manchin.